A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.

ADR | Alternative Dispute Resolution

When a dispute with a supplier, insurer or employee cannot be mutually resolved you may, of course, bring it before a civil court. You can also choose for arbitration, a binding opinion or mediation. For example, if there is a need for specialist knowledge, or if you want to preserve the relationship with the other party. Nysingh’s certified arbitrators, binding advisors and mediators advise you on the right mechanism for resolution and guide you in the process.


The dispute is settled by one or more arbitrators, often with specialist knowledge. Arbitration results in a decision, as in a court case, but the process is faster and less formal.

Binding opinion

A dispute is decided by one or more advisers. A binding opinion does not result in a decision, but is a component of an agreement between the parties.


In mediation parties seek an amicable solution. There is no decision by a third party.  Mediation is especially suitable when all parties want to maintain their relationship.

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