A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.

Environmental Law

Environmental law in the Netherlands has experienced tempestuous developments in recent times. The introduction of the general provisions of environmental law (Wabo) and revisions of the law on spatial planning (the Crisis and Recovery Act) are all aspects of the increasingly complex field of environmental protection. Environmental law is involved in every project, large or small. And the developments in this field can make it difficult to see the wood for the trees. Nysingh’s specialists will help you navigate the complexities of environmental law and deliver your project.

A practical approach to proceedings

Inescapably, interested parties will often object to the very decisions that have made a development project possible. We have extensive experience in the Dutch administrative courts. Administrative procedures can sometimes take a very long time and therefore lead to considerable delay. We always try to drive formal procedures in the direction of a definitive solution, in as short a time as possible. This means making the issues clear to the administrative court and providing it with viable solutions. In other words: Operating proactively, not reactively.

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