A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.

Health Law

Healthcare in the Netherlands is undergoing a series of major transitions. These are complex issues that require specialised knowledge. Both entrepreneurship and transparency play leading roles in healthcare. Institutions and professionals have to adapt their ways of working and, sometimes, their legal structures. At the same time, the attention to the quality of care must remain undiminished, both within organisations and in their external relationships.

Advice and litigation

Our specialised health lawyers advise and litigate for Dutch (care) institutions, umbrella organisations and professionals in the areas of:

  • administrative disputes with the authorities (permits, regulators and rates)
  • internal and external legal relationships (articles, governance, use of medical specialists, cooperative and organisational relationships)
  • disciplinary law

Learn More?

The health law practitioners at Nysingh have an overall perspective of the interrelationships between the changes currently taking place in Dutch healthcare and offer you the necessary, integrated legal expertise.