A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.


Information and Communication is forging ahead at breakneck speed. The same applies to the unique legal issues that it is generating. For example, the development of clear contracts with software and hardware suppliers and the licensing conditions. We can assist with service level agreements, Internet agreements, general terms and conditions and electronic signatures in digital and online business dealings – and also data protection and privacy laws and computer crime.

Practical advice

The ICT specialists at Nysingh provide concrete and practical advice in various fields of ICT law.

  • privacy law
  • outsourcing
  • franchising
  • databank rights
  • computer crime
  • software contracts
  • licensing agreements
  • SLA

Cyber crime

The Internet and digital files on computers often contain valuable information. Examples are healthcare patient records and business or bank data. Misuse of this information and any other form of crime using a computer or the Internet is cyber crime. Developments in this area are so rapid that legislation can hardly keep up. If cyber crime is affecting you, the specialists of Nysingh, who follow these developments closely, are well-equipped to advise you.

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