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Personal Injury

Personal injury is incurred as a result of, for example, a traffic accident, an industrial accident or a medical error. The determination of liability and the extent of the various damage components can raise a whole array of complex legal questions. Such questions call for a critical approach and – where possible – a pragmatic solution. Personal injury law is a long-standing specialisation at Nysingh. Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising and representing clients in personal injury cases.


Mediation is an alternative format for settling disputes in which the insurer and the victim meet in a confidential setting presided over by a mediator to find a solution in a case of personal injury. Amongst other things, mediation promotes a willingness to negotiate and creativity on both sides. Mediation in personal injury cases has a success rate of over 80 percent. Parties in a personal injury dispute can also apply to Nysingh for mediation.

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