A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.

Transport Law

Mishaps are common occurrences when goods are transported by road, rail, air or water. The goods may be damaged, or arrive late, or they may not even arrive at all. Some kinds of freight – particularly valuable freight – might require special treatment during transport. Further problems can arise during dispatch, warehousing and other points in the logistic chain. The legal experts at Nysingh know exactly how to navigate such material.

Liability in logistics

When something goes wrong in the logistic chain, it is necessary to ascertain who should be held liable for the damage. This can be decided in a lawsuit or via arbitration, binding recommendations or mediation. With our practical and cost-aware approach we find a feasible and swift solution together with you.

International transport

Transport crosses borders. So does our advice. We work on a daily basis with many other specialists worldwide and can mobilise exactly the right professional support in any jurisdiction.