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Carla Nijhuis

Carla Nijhuis
BranchesGovernment, Trade & Industry
ExpertisesContract Law, Corporate Law
Telephone+ 31 (0)88 752 02 15

Carla Nijhuis has been a lawyer since 1992. After working for 15 years in Rotterdam, where she was partner in a medium-sized corporate law firm from 2000, Carla became a partner at Nysingh in September 2007. She specialises particularly in insolvency law and corporate law. The focus of her practice is on advising business clients who are either threatened by insolvency or who themselves have to deal with parties in financial difficulties. Courts regularly appoint her as trustee or administrator. Carla also advises shareholders and companies regarding mergers and acquisitions. Carla is a graduate of both the Grotius Insolad and Financing & Security specialisation programmes, as well as the specialisation programme in Financial Economy for Trustees. Carla is member of INSOLAD, the Dutch association of specialised insolvency lawyers.

Lawyer since:



State University of Groningen, Postgraduate specialisation programme Insolvency Law at the Grotius Academy, Postgraduate specialisation programme Financing & Security at the Grotius Academy (Cum laude), Postgraduate specialisation programme in Financial Economy for Trustees/Insolad

Language skills:

German, English

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