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Jessica de Roos

Jessica de Roos
ExpertisesExpropriation Law, Land Policy and Area Development
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Jessica de Roos has been working as a lawyer for more than 10 years and specialises in land acquisitions. Her clients include water boards, provincial and municipal authorities and Rijkswaterstaat but also private individuals and businesses that face expropriation. Jessica likes to tackle complex legal issues. She is characterised by her ability to make accurate analyses and to determine the right strategy. ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’. That phrase typifies Jessica, always looking for a creative solution for a difficult case. Her powers of persuasion and decisiveness take care of the rest.

Jessica has been working very closely with many of her clients for years now. She also regularly organises lectures and workshops and her articles often appear in professional journals. She is a board member of the Expropriation Law Association (Vereniging voor Onteigeningsrecht (VvOR)) and she writes articles for the expropriation blog of Nysingh.


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Radboud University Nijmegen, Expropriation law (CvPJO at Radboud University Nijmegen)

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