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Lianne van den Ham-Leerkes

Lianne van den Ham-Leerkes
ExpertisesInsurance Law, Liability Law, Personal Injury
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Lianne van den Ham-Leerkes discovered her talent for the legal profession during a debating session in secondary school. “I noticed I found it easy to come up with arguments for my proposition. I was able to get people on my side quite easily.” This experience prompted her to study law. She graduated from Utrecht University in 2008 – after a traineeship at Nysingh – specialising in private law.

Down-to-earth, energetic and connecting, those are three words that apply to Lianne. She likes to have a personal bond with her clients, which means she has a lot of dedicated clients. Not only do they come back to Lianne because of her enthusiastic personality. But particularly because of her accurate analyses and sound advice. Lianne is able to tirelessly sink her teeth into a legal puzzle and get to the core of the case fast.

She is also extremely pragmatic, always looking for the best solutions for her clients and that doesn’t necessarily mean taking a case to court. She has a practical attitude and likes transparent communication. “I will never make things more complicated than they already are.”

Lianne van den Ham-Leerkes regularly writes articles for various trade journals about road authority liability, for instance, or about the deduction of collateral benefits in the case of invalidity insurance.

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Utrecht University

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Dutch, English

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