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Martine Margadant

Martine Margadant
BranchesFood & Agriculture
ExpertisesLabour law
Telephone+ 31 (0)88 752 02 46
Mobile+ 31 (0)6 12 39 44 90

Martine Margadant advises and litigates across a wide field of employment law:

  • individual dismissal law and special employment law issues in the Food industry;
  • violation of safety, inspection and hygiene regulations;
  • disputes with the Inspectorate and StiPP.

She is also often involved in complex employment law issues such as collective agreement and works council problems. In addition, she has specialised in equestrian law (non-conformity) within business law.

Martine joined Nysingh in 2008 and worked as a lawyer in The Hague before that for a period of 10 years. She publishes very regularly, including in various HR magazines.

Lawyer since:



  • University of Utrecht
  • Labour law (PALA)
  • Corporate law (NKI)

Language skills:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Practice areas:

  • Complex employment law issues, including works council issues and issues concerning the Inspectorate, StiPP and collective agreements
  • Food & Agriculture (violation of HACCP and Inspectorate procedures)


  • Member VAAN and VAARA
  • Member Food Valley Society
  • Member DNRV
  • Member MVO-committee

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