A legal case doesn’t always restrict itself to one field of expertise. Neither does Nysingh.

mr. V.A. Textor (Vera)

ExpertisesAdministrative Law, Environmental Law
Telephone+31 26 357 57 17
Mobile+31 6 12 39 39 56

Inquisitive, creative and linguistically skilled. These characteristics formed the basis for Vera’s choice of study and her ensuing legal career. After having worked for the government (OPTA) and the Zuidas in Amsterdam, Vera joined Nysingh in 2007. She specialises in administrative law and environmental law. Most of her clients are government organisations. Vera is known for her empathy but also for her steadfastness. She is a team player with an eye for everyone’s interests and she always clearly and transparently highlights the legal side of the matter.

In addition to being a senior lawyer, Vera is also a principal lecturer in Environmental Law for the vocational training programme for lawyers and she is a lecturer for the Environmental Law course at the Legal Practice Academy (Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk).

Lawyer since:



University of Leiden

Language skills:

English, German, French

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