A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.

About Nysingh

The organization employs over 90 lawyers, notaries and notarial candidates spread out over three highly accessible branches in Utrecht, Arnhem, Zwolle and Apeldoorn. Nysingh is a reliable, extremely effective and broadly informed partner. Lawyers and notaries collaborate closely on the most diverse matters. Efficiency, quality and professionalism are coupled with a pleasant, personal working relationship – all aimed at getting results. Each lawyer and notary is value driven to act as the permanent partner for his or her client within the firm’s setting.


Among our clients are large (listed) companies, medium-sized and small enterprises, insurance companies, central and regional (provincial and municipal) governments, collective action organizatons, private persons and non-profit institutions. From the beginning we have worked on the basis of specialized departments and industry-based working units.

Our litigators

Together, our litigators cover all areas of commercial and governmental disputes including:

  • Administrative disputes, including governmental liability, planning and environmental law issues Arbitration and mediation
  • Banking law and commercial lending disputes
  • Corporate and business litigation including shareholder disputes and officers’ breach of duty disputes
  • Competition law disputes and defence in investigations by the Dutch Competition Authority or the European Commission
  • Construction and property disputes Contractual disputes, including Agency, Distribution, and Franchise litigation
  • Corporate insolvency litigation, creditors’ rights, debt collection, securities and recovery, officers’ personal liability
  • EC State Aid disputes
  • Food law
  • Health law litigation (public law regulation and professional neglicence)
  • Intellectual Property and ICT disputes
  • Employment litigation including restructuring and strikes
  • Liability and Insurance litigation including personal injury, unlawful governmental acts, product liability and environmental liability
  • Public Procurement litigation and public tender disputes
  • Transportation litigation

Nysingh advocaten – notarissen N.V. has its seat in Apeldoorn and is registered in the trade register (nr. 08118371).