A legal case doesn’t always restrict itself to one field of expertise. Neither does Nysingh.

mr. M.J. Tunnissen (Mark)

BranchesGovernment, Healthcare
ExpertisesAdministrative Law, Environmental Law
Telephone+31 26 357 57 19
Mobile+31 6 12 64 52 14

Mark Tunnissen has worked for Nysingh since 2007 and is a lawyer in the Real Estate and Government department. Mark started his legal career at Hekkelman in Nijmegen and worked for the Government Service for Sustainable Rural Development of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Utrecht. He also worked in a part time capacity for the Administrative Law department of Radboud University Nijmegen.

Mark is mainly involved in counselling and litigation in the field of general administrative law, environmental law and government-related private law. His focus on general administrative law includes enforcement and application of the Freedom of Information Act. Mark mainly works for municipal and semi-government organisations and property developers.

In addition to his legal practice, Mark is editor of the magazine Tijdschrift voor Praktisch Bestuursrecht and is also involved with the magazine Overheid & Aansprakelijkheid. He regularly gives courses in the field of enforcement and spatial planning.

Lawyer since:



Radboud University Nijmegen

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