Advertising law

The regulations surrounding advertising are extensive and complex. They include unauthorised, comparative and misleading advertising. Special rules apply for tobacco, alcohol and drug advertising. Besides that, there are new developments in online advertising. This is why it is important that advertising agencies and advertisers are regularly advised by an experienced specialist in this field.

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Jasper Scholtens

Attorney at law

Our Advertising Lawyers

Nysingh’s specialists are at home in advertising law. We work for (international) companies, including the owners of various, well-known brands and retail chains and trademark agents, design studios and advertising agencies. They come from different industries, but mainly from the fashion, lifestyle, design, sports and food categories.


We advise on the admissibility of advertisements. We prefer to do this in advance, at the first draft of an advertising campaign. In doing so, we assess whether the advertising contains any inaccuracies and provides a complete picture of the product or service being advertised. We also assess whether the use of the competitor’s name and the use of superlatives are acceptable.


We also advise retrospectively, in the event of a complaint from a consumer or competitor about allegedly unlawful comparative or misleading advertising. We always strive for a pragmatic solution, but if necessary we litigate with vigour, both before the Advertising Code Committee and the civil courts.


Feel free to contact us if you need quick, specific, practical advice on:

  • unlawful advertising
  • deceptive advertising
  • comparative advertising
  • online advertising