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Financial regulation is complex, both nationally and internationally, and subject to constant change. Both your business and the structure of your organisation can be affected. Though you may not expect to, you may have to deal directly with financial regulation. Nysingh not only has significant expertise in Banking & Finance, we also know the market and your industry. We are therefore glad to offer you a helping hand.

Please contact me for advice or guidance.

Diana Gunckel

Attorney at law


You can of course apply to your bank for financing, but there are other opportunities. For example, you could opt for a venture round, in which investors obtain shares in your company in exchange for equity. And while it may not at first occur to you, financial regulation may also apply to this form of financing. For example, you may need to draw up a prospectus, or be required to first submit an information document to the Financial Markets Authority. There are also a range of other forms of financing such as fintech, crowdfunding and funds, to which additional requirements apply as a result of financial regulation.

Our Banking & Finance lawyers

Nysingh’s specialists advise on a wide variety of financial transactions, from standard bank financing to complex, tailor-made facilities with related security structures. We also advise on the structuring of takeover financing. We do this for companies in a variety of industries and sectors. If you offer financial services as one of your business activities, please also feel free to contact us.


Our in-depth expertise in combination with our sector knowledge enables us to actively provide focused advice, for example to support your negotiations with a financer. You need practical solutions – which is exactly what we provide. Whether you want a brief sparring session to help you along the way or require us to take a leading role and act on your behalf, we are always happy to help.


Contact us for advice and guidance regarding:

  • financing processes, also in the context of acquisition or restructuring, including all forms of credit and collateral documentation
  • legal opinions
  • the Financial Supervision Act and Prospectus Regulation
  • the issue of securities (prospectus obligation; information document; notification)
  • permits and exemptions
  • the Act for Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Wwft)
  • asset management
  • drawing up all necessary internal documentation


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