Criminal law

Businesses and institutions in the Netherlands are subject to numerous, detailed (implementation) requirements, which regulate the course of trade. Infringement of these rules leads to judicial investigation and possible prosecution, even if there is no intent. Nysingh advises and litigates in the areas of economic, environmental and tax criminal law. With our in-house knowledge of virtually all areas of the law, the necessary specialist knowledge is always at hand.

Criminal law in healthcare

Healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals are increasingly confronted with criminal law. For example in fraud cases, a check by the FIOD in the event of possible tax fraud, end of life issues or an emergency leading to serious damages or the death of a patient. Alleged sexual abuse can also lead to a criminal investigation and (possible) prosecution.


In addition, the judicial authorities regularly request the cooperation of healthcare institutions in the criminal prosecution of third parties. In this regard an area of tension can often arise between the investigative interest and other interests, such as the right to privacy of patients or staff.


The specialists of Nysingh have a lot of experience in (medical) criminal law. We’d be happy to help you.

Criminal law in education

Criminal investigations in education, e.g. on suspicions of sexually transgressive behaviour, always have a major impact on those involved. In addition, emotions and press sensitivity play an important role. Educational institutions have a duty of care towards parents, pupil(s), student(s) and employee(s). This complex field often requires extra attention, tact and caution. Nysingh will be happy to assist you – also in these sensitive areas. We work closely together with a specialised and experienced criminal lawyer in such matters.