Tenancy law, business premises

As a business tenant or landlord you may not know exactly which rules apply to your rental space. This is not unusual. Tenancy law applies different rules to different types of business premises. Nysingh makes it simple.

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Wouter Boonstra

Attorney at law, Partner

Rental of retail space

If you are renting to, or are leasing as a:

  • Retail business
  • Restaurant or cafe
  • Take-away or delivery service
  • Artisanal business
  • Camping facility
  • Hotel

The rules from Section 7:290 onward of the Dutch Civil Code apply to your rental agreement. The Real Estate Council calls this ‘retail space’.
Strict rules apply to the rental of retail space. Tenants of retail space enjoy rent protection, rental term protection and termination protection. In principle, the parties cannot deviate from these rules in an agreement. Nysingh’s rental law specialists understand these rules and their related opportunities.


Nysingh has been a partner of landlords and tenants in the retail sector for many years. As a result, we developed a great deal of knowledge of the industry. We would be happy to put this knowledge to work for you. Our advice is practical, clear and solves your problems.

Huurrecht bedrijfsruimte

Rental of office space

Do you rent or lease ‘other’ business space? Then Article 7: 230a of the Dutch Civil Code applies. The Real Estate Council calls this ‘office space’. Examples of ‘office space’ are:

  • Cinemas
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Offices
  • Kindergartens
  • Practice areas
  • Showrooms
  • Sports facilities

Less strict rules apply to leasing and rental of office space. The parties have more freedom of contract, so to speak. Tenants of ‘office space’ do enjoy eviction protection.Nysingh’s experts can explain what this means for you.

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