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Competition law

At home in your market Nysingh has lawyers with years of experience in competition law. We advise companies, healthcare institutions and industry organisations in a wide variety of sectors. This gives us insight into the ins and outs of a range of ma

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European law

Questions often arise in practice about the scope of rules and the interpretation of provisions, and whether this is in compliance with the directives. Parties who do not comply with the regulations may be faced with far-reaching (financial) conseque

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Brexit deal and state aid

One of the key elements in the EU-UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA) – the Brexit-deal – is the assurance that entrance to the internal market is linked to a level playing field for open and fair competition, given the parties’ geographi

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Vera van Santen

I’m Vera van Santen. I am at home in labour law and use my knowledge to assist healthcare and educational institutions, governments and businesses. I advise and litigate on matters such as terms of employment, dismissal, reorganization, employe

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Innovation, Design & Fashion

Innovation and creativity require the investment of time, money and talent. But successful innovations and designs are often quickly replicated. That is why it is important to protect the result of your investments as much as possible. The necessary

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Intellectual Property (IP)

Nysingh’s IP specialists work for national and international companies, including the owners of various well-known brands and retail chains, and for design studios, advertising agencies, trademark agents and government agencies. Our clients com

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Femia van Wijk

My name is Femia van Wijk. I’m experienced and at home in labour law. I advise and litigate on entering, amending and terminating employment contracts and on non-competition clauses, flexible employment relationships, disability and employee partic

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Cees Dekker

Cees Dekker started in private practice in 1989. In 2004 he has joined Nysingh, where he is a partner, after having worked with Loyens & Loeff in Rotterdam. In addition he was lecturer in European and competition law at the Universities of Gronin

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Ilona de Graaff

I am Ilona de Graaff. At home in education and specialized in labour law. I mainly advise and litigate regarding performance of contractual agreements, labour conflicts, individual dismissal cases, flexible employment relationships and (non-)competit

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Ekram Belhadj

Ekram Belhadj is a senior associate and specialises in Competition law and European law.   She advises companies and health care institutions on all aspects of Competition law, such as cooperation agreements, distribution agreements, and market

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Annemarie Beijderwellen-Wittekoek

My name is Annemarie Beijderwellen-Wittekoek. An experienced lawyer, specialising across the board in labour law. I advise and litigate on, among other things, industrial disputes, individual and collective termination of employment cases, insourcing

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Henry van Essen

My name is Henry van Essen. I am specialised in education and labour law and I’m at home in the worlds of education and government. I work for educational institutions, (local) government and businesses.   I assist schools in complaint procedu

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Marjolijn van Deventer

My name is Marjolijn van Deventer, lawyer in employment law. I’m at home in the business world, education and the public sector. With this knowledge I advise directors, management boards, HR departments and regulators on their legal and strategic c

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