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Enforcement of intellectual property rights

It is sometimes said that copies are allowed as long as there are at least seven differences from the original. This is a persistent misunderstanding. Sometimes one difference is enough to make a ‘copy’ admissible. In other cases there ca

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Intellectual Property (IP)

Nysingh’s IP specialists work for national and international companies, including the owners of various well-known brands and retail chains, and for design studios, advertising agencies, trademark agents and government agencies. Our clients com

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The protection of Innovation, Design & Fashion

Not all types of protection of intellectual property rights require registration. We can distinguish: Copyright Copyright protection is created automatically by creating a design; it requires no registration at all. However, in order to be able to ap

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Accused of an infringement?

The question as to whether you are infringing someone else’s intellectual property rights is usually not easy to answer and requires expert factual and legal assessment. In the first place one must assess whether the other party does have the r

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Innovation, Design & Fashion

Innovation and creativity require the investment of time, money and talent. But successful innovations and designs are often quickly replicated. That is why it is important to protect the result of your investments as much as possible. The necessary

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International Business

If you do business across the border you need access to the right lawyer or notary in every country, but that requires complex and time-consuming search. Nysingh has been a member of the international TAGLaw network for 20 years and therefore has acc

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Trademark law

In order to be able to invoke trademark protection, you must file your trademark in a trademark register. For protection within the Benelux such registration can be done at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP). For protection within th

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Corporate law

Nysingh’s corporate law team has been the permanent business partner of many companies, for many years. From small, local businesses, e-commerce companies and family businesses to large (international) companies. We work for boards of directors

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Tjibbe Fokkens

My name is Tjibbe Fokkens. I specialise in intellectual property (IP) and advertising law.   I advise and litigate on infringements of intellectual property rights such as trademark rights and copyrights. I draw up IP-related contracts, such as

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Michel Korterink

My name is Michel Korterink. I’m at home in intellectual property law (IP). With this knowledge I mainly help businesses and public authorities. I advise and litigate on copyright law, trademark law, design law, trade name law, domain names, databa

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Nysingh to attend INTA’s Annual Meeting 2019

Nysingh’s IP team will be in Boston to attend the 141th Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA’s Annual Meeting 2019) between May 18-22, 2019. If you would like to meet with a member of our team while you are in Boston,

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Nysingh to attend INTA’s Annual Meeting 2018

Nysingh’s IP team will be in Seattle to attend the 140th Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA’s Annual Meeting 2018) between May 19-23, 2018. If you would like to meet with a member of our team while you are in Seattle,

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IP Team Nysingh ranked in Chambers Europe 2018 Guide

We are proud that Nysingh’s Intellectual Property Team and both Hemke de Weijs and Tjibbe Fokkens as individuals have been ranked again in the new Chambers and Partners’ Europe Guide (2018 Edition):   ‘Clients value the lawyersR

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