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The TAGLaw network has provided Nysingh with access to full service and up-to-date legal knowledge in more than 100 countries for over 20 years. This network of more than 150 offices, with more than 10,000 lawyers, also gives our clients access to lo

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International Business

If you do business across the border you need access to the right lawyer or notary in every country, but that requires complex and time-consuming search. Nysingh has been a member of the international TAGLaw network for 20 years and therefore has acc

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Thijs van Tilburg

My name is Thijs van Tilburg. I’m at home in corporate law and (international) contract law. I use my knowledge to advise national and international companies and to assist them in negotiations and (international) proceedings.   I advise and l

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Company law

Nysingh’s corporate law team has been the permanent partner in business of many organisations, for many years – from small to large, national to international. Our lawyers and (candidate) notaries work for healthcare and educational insti

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Our locations

More than 100 legal specialists work from the Nysingh locations in Arnhem, Zwolle and Utrecht. We work for clients across the country, are at home in Europe and also represented worldwide by the TAGLaw network. Contact us via the contact form or by p

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Labour law

Our team of lawyers and legal assistants is at home in Labour Law for Healthcare, Government, Education and Business. Some questions are generic, others very specific to a single sector. All of our labour lawyers are familiar with one or two sectors,

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Rob Klein

I have been a lawyer since 2003 and I specialise in (international) contract law and insolvency law.   My practice focusses on supporting, advising and litigation for large and medium-sized companies on various kinds of commercial contracts, inc

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Nysingh IP Team ranked in 2020 edition of WTR 1000

They have been ranked in the 2020 edition of World Trademark Review 1000 (WTR 1000) – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals.   ”The growing team at Nysingh flexes its muscles in cross-border work, while membership of the internat

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Noortje Machiels

My name is Noortje Machiels. I’m at home in competition law and (commercial) contract law. I advise and litigate on commercial contracts – from franchise, distribution and agency agreements to contracts of sale, contracts of engagement and ge

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Alex Lever

I am Alex Lever. I have worked in the legal profession for 30 years and am experienced in (international) contract law, corporate law, company law and government private law. I frequently assist companies and interest groups in conflicts, including t

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