At home in healthcare


Quality and security are important to you. At the same time, issues such as cost control, innovation, entrepreneurship, governance, transparency and compliance demand more and more of your time. Nysingh's healthcare team understands tha tand is there for you.

Nysingh’s Healthcare Team

The world of healthcare is our habitat. Our healthcare team consists of more than 30 lawyers and (candidate) notaries, each with their own expertise in the healthcare sector. We have years of experience as retained lawyers for healthcare institutions, administrators and supervisors, both in the cure and care sectors.


We understand the administrative relationships and the complex force field you have to navigate.   Which means we can oversee the linkages between different topics and assist you with the right mix of knowledge, science and pragmatism. Not only about today’s issues, but also for tomorrow’s challenges. And not only for the people you work with, but also for the people you work for. Because, come what may, healthcare will always be a people’s business.