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You don't want to be involved in peripheral matters. You want to move forward: invest, innovate, be flexible. You don't want to be slowed down by advisors with lengthy opinions. Standing still means going backwards. Nysingh understands this. Which is why we offer quick, clear and practical solutions

The Nysingh Team for businesses

Our team consists of more than 25 lawyers and (junior) notaries. We know what goes on in business and understand the decisions you have to make every day as an entrepreneur. In the fields of cooperation, real estate, governance and supervision, privacy and the GDPR, labour law and liability. We are happy to pool our knowledge in the interests of providing you with clear and pragmatic advice. Not only about today’s issues, but also for tomorrow’s challenges. Where necessary, we work closely with your accountants, tax specialists and other advisors.


We have been the business partner of many companies, for many years. From small, local businesses, e-commerce companies and family businesses to large (international) companies. We work for boards of directors, management, supervisors and administrators. And also for participation councils and HRM departments.



mergers and divisions
19 April 2021

Mergers and divisions | Mind the deadlines

Legal merger and/or division of entities necessary?

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State Aid Brexit
15 January 2021

Brexit deal and state aid (Part 2)

Which types of subsidies are allowed under the TCA?

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29 December 2020

Brexit deal and state aid

In this first blog the concept of subsidy.

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