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An educational institution is a world in itself - and running one is a challenge. It's also a world that is getting bigger and more complex. Where many different topics compete for your time and attention. Nysingh's education team understands this. And has the expertise to answer all your questions.

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Carola van Andel

Attorney at law, Partner

The Nysingh Education Team

Our team of educational specialists consists of lawyers and (candidate) notaries, each of whom is aware of what is going on within the educational sector, based on their own expertise. We understand administrative relationships. We know all about the daily dynamics that confront you as an administrator. We understand it’s a game of chess, involving you in different roles, on multiple boards, at the same time. A situation in which we’re glad to team up with you in order to find the best solutions. Not only for today’s issues, but also for tomorrow’s challenges.


For many years we have been retained by tertiary, vocational, secondary and special educational institutions. We work for school boards, supervisory boards and staff participation councils. We also work for various municipalities and compulsory education officials.