Insurance law

The insurance world is in a state of flux. The sector is confronted with increasing (supervisory) regulation. The number of claims is also increasing, because insured parties are less likely to accept a rejection or restricted levels of cover. Nysingh's insurance law specialists are well versed in all aspects of liability, damage and insurance. We're always happy to help you.

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Gina van Helden

Attorney at law

Our insurance lawyers

The insurance lawyers of Nysingh assist (international) companies, (insurance) brokers and intermediaries, (re)insurers and government authorities. For example, we advise and litigate on insurance policies such as business and individual public liability, occupational disability, construction all risk, building, fire, (goods) transport and plant (liability). In doing so, we always strive for a pragmatic solution. But if the case calls for it we’ll sue, with vigour.


Our insurance law specialists also deal with recourse cases and we advise on drawing up policy conditions, reinsurance, authorised representation and supervisory legislation. You can also contact us for assistance in dispute prevention and alternative dispute resolution.