Personal injury

Personal injury may be the result of a road accident, an industrial accident or a medical error. Determination of the liability and extent of various damage components often raises complex legal issues, which require specialist knowledge, a critical approach and pragmatic solutions. Nysingh will be happy to be of assistance.

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Maarten Spronck

Attorney at law, Mediator, Partner

Personal injury law

The issues in personal injury law are complex. The determination of liability and the settlement of claims can therefore take a long time. Discussions about liability, the loss of a victim’s earning capacity, the damage suffered by next of kin or the amount of compensation are examples of issues that can sometimes result in parties being divided.


Our personal injury lawyers

Nysingh’s personal injury specialists assist both liable parties and injured parties. We advise companies, governments, insurers, hospitals and private individuals in the following personal injury matters:

  • traffic accidents
  • medical errors
  • industrial accidents
  • defective storage
  • occupational diseases
  • injury caused by an animal
  • sports and games
  • abuse
  • faulty goods
  • and all other (unlawful) behaviour

We always strive for a pragmatic solution. But if the case calls for it we’ll sue vigorously. If necessary, we work together with our network of medical advisers and experts.

Mediation & personal injury

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution in which insurer and victim establish a solution to a personal injury case in a confidential setting and under the direction of a mediator. Mediation stimulates the willingness to negotiate and the creativity of both parties. Moreover, mediation is considerably quicker, more efficient and therefore cheaper than legal proceedings in court.


The success rate of mediation in personal injury cases therefore exceeds 80 percent.


Would you like to know more? Our personal injury specialist, Maarten Spronck (an Mfn registered mediator), can answer all your questions.