Land use and zoning law

Zoning plays a role in every project developed within our physical environment. It's an area that has recently seen stormy developments. These include the introduction of the Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act (Wabo), revisions to the Spatial Planning Act (Wro), the Crisis and Recovery Act (Chw) and the increasingly complex nature conservation regulations. But the biggest change still awaits us: the Environment Act is expected to enter into force on 1 January 2021.

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Jan Hein Meijer

Attorney at law, Partner

All these developments are making it difficult to distinguish from the bigger picture. Nysingh’s specialists have great knowledge about these laws and regulations. We are familiar with the current rules and keep up to date with future developments. Which is why we can guide your projects in a practical way.


Zoning lawyers

The zoning lawyers of Nysingh assist national governments, municipalities, provinces and water boards. We also work for project developers, entrepreneurs and landowners. When it comes to guiding large projects, we like the role of strategic sparring partner. This puts us in a position to react quickly in specific situations and come up with practical solutions. In doing so, we try to avoid disputes as much as possible.


In zoning law it is often inevitable that interested parties will object to decisions. In such cases we have a great deal of experience in proceedings before the administrative courts. These procedures can take a very long time, often resulting in considerable delays. We always try to drive formal procedures in the direction of a definitive solution, in as short a time as possible. This means making the issues clear to the administrative court and providing it with viable solutions. With this proactive approach, we are able to keep delays to a minimum.


We’d be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us for advice on:

  • Zoning plans
  • Environmental permits
  • Land policy and regional development
  • Expropriation
  • Planning damages and disadvantage compensation
  • Enforcement and administrative fines
  • Environmental protection
  • Soil contamination
  • The Water Law
  • Spatial planning
  • Building decree
  • The Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act (Wabo)
  • The Crisis and Recovery Act
  • The Environment Act

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