International Business

Increasingly more companies are doing business internationally. Growing internationalisation and technological developments offer increasing opportunities for this. However, despite the opportunities it offers to entrepreneurs, international business can be complicated by language barriers and cultural differences. It is therefore important to have the advice of a strong legal partner, who is at home in international matters.

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Lawyers in more than 150 countries, with TAGLaw

If you do business across the border you need access to the right lawyer or notary in every country, but that requires complex and time-consuming search. Nysingh has been a member of the international TAGLaw network for 20 years and therefore has access to more than 10,000 lawyers in more than 100 countries, instantly. No need to search, because we already have the solution. Our TAGLaw colleagues are fast, accessible and reliable. We have been working with many of them for over 20 years. To the full satisfaction of our clients.

Internationaal zakendoen

Doing business abroad

Nysingh is also your legal partner across national borders. We can introduce clients to one of our international partners or seek advice within the TAGLaw network on our clients’ behalf.


Feel free to contact us if you need legal advice on:

International contracting

As soon as you cross the border, as an entrepreneur, you will have to deal with international (private) law. This law regulates which law is applicable and which court has jurisdiction in international relations. However, your contracts and general terms and conditions can impose alternative arrangements. For example, you can agree that Dutch law applies, and which Dutch court is competent to take cognizance of any disputes. This can save you major costs in the event of a dispute. The same applies to the timely identification and management of risks relating to those of your activities that are subject to foreign legal systems. The experts at Nysingh have extensive experience with international contracting and will be happy to help you in this area.


We can also quickly form international teams of lawyers. To support you, for example, in an acquisition or in cooperation involving different countries.

International Trade

Of course, choice of law and designation of a competent court are not the only legal aspects of international trade. It is indeed an area in which much can go wrong. If trading partners have no agreements, the Vienna Sales Convention applies. This Convention is its own legal system and regulates how the parties must behave regarding, for instance, the purchase and sale of movable property, defects, damages and dissolution.


International trade agreements often involve large financial interests. Non-compliance could lead to significant liability. It is therefore unwise to enter such international transactions without a viable sales contract. In addition, the content of such an agreement should also be in accordance with any applicable general terms and conditions, or vice versa.


Both buyers and sellers should therefore carefully check whether application of the Vienna Sales Convention should be excluded. Nysingh’s specialists will be happy to assist you.

European law

If you want to put products on the EU market, you have to deal with the product requirements and import rules of the EU. Nysingh has experts with a great deal of experience in the field of EU law. They can advise you on imports into the EU, but also on placing products on the EU market, on the import and export constraints of other Member States, product regulation, technical requirements and the like.

Working across borders

Labour law is not the same in every country. Nysingh’s employment law specialists advise foreign companies on Dutch employment law. Conversely, we advise Dutch companies on their labour relations in an international context.

International transport

Transport often crosses national borders. Our advice does too. We work with many specialist colleagues on a daily basis, all over the world. As a result, we have the right access to the necessary professional support, internationally.

Intellectual property

IPR infringement is often cross-border. Nysingh’s IP specialists have extensive experience with international IP issues such as parallel imports, cross-border distribution networks and the coordination of international infringement cases.