Construction law

Construction law is dynamic, complex and far-reaching. It regulates processes in residential and non-residential construction and civil engineering.

Feel free to contact me to draw up and provide guidance on project development construction agreements.

Frank van Beek

Attorney at law

These processes often involve many different parties, that each fulfil a specific role, with individual and sometimes also shared responsibilities. It is therefore of the utmost importance in construction law to make clear agreements in advance. This helps avoid conflicts and, if they do arise, aids efficient resolution.


Nysingh’s lawyers know their way around both civil and public construction law. We are always up to date with legal developments and with the latest developments in the construction industry. We also understand the different roles of the parties in the construction process. And we don’t have a standard approach; ours is always tailored to the specific regulations and (standard) conditions within the branch or sector in question.


Construction lawyers

Nysingh’s construction law specialists work for clients in the (semi-)public arena, such as municipalities, water boards, provinces, housing corporations and various healthcare and educational institutions. We also assist many medium and large construction and installation companies, national and regional developers, consultancies and architectural firms.


Nysingh’s construction law team advises almost daily on issues relating to standard terms and conditions, such as the UAV, the UAV-GC and DNR. Of course, our team also works closely with specialists in procurement law, environmental law and land zoning.


Expecting a dispute? Then we’ll help solve it. If necessary by litigating in civil court, the Council of Arbitration for the Construction Industry or the NAI.


We’re always happy to help you. Feel free to contact us to draw up and provide guidance on project development construction agreements, or to deal with disputes arising from them. Agreements such as:

  • Building contracts
  • Anterior agreements
  • Architects’ and consultants’ agreements
  • Construction team agreements
  • Coordination agreements
  • Purchase / building contracts
  • Turnkey agreements
  • Operating agreements

We are also happy to be of service if you require legal advice on:

  • Company and professional liability
  • Construction disputes (construction time overruns and delays, additional and less work, delivery defects)
  • Expropriation, duties of tolerance and Municipalities Preferential Rights Act
  • Cooperation agreements