Area development

The number of area development projects is increasing. On the one hand there is the urgent need for housing construction, (renewal of) business parks and revitalization of shopping areas. On the other hand, there are projects in dike reinforcement, energy transition and nature conservation. Different interests play a role and the available space is scarce. This makes area development a complex playing field.

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Jan Hein Meijer

Attorney at law, Partner

The public-private character of area development also ensures a multifaceted development process. Here administrative issues are at play, for example in the formulation of new planning rules, the application for or assessment of environmental permits and the use of land policy instruments. Area development also requires knowledge of land exploitation and contract law. Not only of real estate contracts, but also of cooperation agreements, PPP constructions and cost recovery.


Area development specialists

Nysingh’s Area development team consists of various specialists who advise and litigate on all aspects of area development. Our administrative lawyers and civilists work closely together to support successful area development, in a team of specialists comprising both lawyers and (candidate) notaries. The strength of our multidisciplinary collaboration ensures optimal client guidance in the area development process.


Nysingh has had an extensive area development practice, for many years. As advisor to the central government, municipalities, water boards, provinces and (project) developers, we have built up special expertise in this area.


We’d be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us for advice on:

  • PPP constructions
  • cooperation agreements
  • Common regulations act (Wgr)
  • project development
  • anterior agreements
  • real estate (rent, purchase, leasehold and business rights)
  • park management
  • cables and conduits
  • zoning plans
  • operating plans and cost recovery
  • environmental legal issues (nitrogen, PFAS, noise, etc.)
  • preferential rights (Municipalities preferential rights act)
  • procurement law and state aid
  • building contracts
  • construction law
  • land acquisition
  • plan damages
  • expropriation

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