Health law

Health law is a wide-ranging and complex area of law which, like healthcare itself, is always in flux. It includes all laws and regulations relevant to healthcare. Rules about the quality and safety of care, for example, and about the organisation of care institutions, care procurement, disciplinary law, privacy and supervision. Nysingh's lawyers and notaries are at home in health law and have the expertise to answer all your questions.

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Our Health lawyers

Nysingh’s Health law team assists healthcare institutions, administrators and supervisors in both cure and care. Examples are hospitals, nursing homes, institutions for disabled care and psychiatric institutions. We also work for governments, health insurers and individual professionals.


Our health law specialists are all aware of what is going on within health care, from the standpoint of their individual specialisations. We understand administrative relationships as well as the complex force field that is the healthcare sector. Building on this we bundle and apply our knowledge. We are happy to help you, at strategic and tactical level. Feel free to contact us if you need legal advice on:

  • governance
  • internal and external supervision
  • mergers and cooperation
  • market regulation and tariff regulation
  • participation
  • quality of care
  • financing
  • contracts
  • healthcare fixed property
  • labour law
  • Standards for remuneration act (WNT)
  • privacy and the GDPR
  • complaints and disputes
  • disciplinary and/or criminal cases

Stay informed about health law

The Nysingh Health law team regularly provides online seminars, (in-house) training courses, workshops and courses on current issues in healthcare. We do this for boards, management, supervisors, HRM departments, employee participation councils and policy officers. Check here for scheduled Nysingh Academy meetings.