Transport law

Things can regularly go wrong in the transport of goods by road, rail, air or water. Goods get damaged, do not arrive or arrive too late. Sometimes a load requires special care during transport, for example when it is particularly valuable. Problems can also occur at other points in the logistics chain, such as storage and forwarding. Nysingh’s legal specialists are at home in transport law.

Our transport law lawyers

For many years, Nysingh’s transport law team has been the permanent partner in business for many companies in the logistics services sector. We advise domestic and foreign insurers, brokers, underwriters and insured companies such as logistics service providers and parties with an interest in the goods transported.

We also assist our clients in domestic and foreign proceedings, for example in liability for loss, theft or damage, regarding policy conditions and in cover disputes. We do this in civil court proceedings, but also through arbitration, binding advice and mediation. With our practical and cost-conscious approach, we always find a solution that is easy to implement and aims at a smooth settlement process.


International transport

Transport often crosses national borders. So does our advice. We work on a daily basis with many specialist colleagues, all over the world. So we have the right access to the necessary professional support, anywhere.


We would be happy to help you. Feel free to contact us if you need legal advice on:

  • drawing up (international) agreements
  • drawing up and assessing general terms and conditions
  • drawing up and assessing policy conditions
  • cargo loss, theft or damage
  • forwarding, storage and transshipment
  • lien and retention rights
  • litigation on liability of carriers and other logistics service providers
  • domestic and foreign proceedings, including forum shopping