A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.

Construction Law

Efficient pre-emption and, where necessary, solution of problems is the goal of our building law specialists. Clear agreements between all parties involved can prevent conflict in the construction industry. This is always our starting point in drafting and advising on the agreements involved in construction project development and in handling related disputes. Examples of such agreements are (sub-)contracting, turnkey, construction team and coordination contracts. Conflicts can arise with regard to delay, extra work or delivery defects in relation to these contracts.

Market experience and knowledge

Our civil construction law specialists have specific knowledge in the field. They are equipped with both the latest legal knowledge and knowledge of the latest developments in the construction industry. They represent large and medium-sized construction and installation companies, national and regional property developers, consultants and architects. They also serve government and semi-government clients such as housing associations, provinces, municipalities, water boards and various healthcare and educational institutions.

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