Innovation, Design & Fashion

With Innovation, Design & Fashion it's all about originality and creativity. And it's precisely in these industries that you are often confronted with piracy and counterfeiting. In order to prevent others from using your designs it is important to safeguard your intellectual property rights. And to act swiftly against violations of those rights. If you fail to do so, these designs will no longer be unique and you may even forfeit rights.

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Tjibbe Fokkens

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The protection of Innovation, Design & Fashion

Innovation and creativity require the investment of time, money and talent. But successful innovations and designs are often quickly replicated. That is why it is important to protect the result of your investments as much as possible. The necessary knowledge and a serious, professional approach, protects you from being left empty-handed. Nysingh offers you some useful tips.


Enforcement of intellectual property rights

Successful products are almost always copied. A compliment, were it not for the fact that copies are usually of inferior quality and result in lower sales of the original products. As a result, one is faced with unfair competition, loss of profit and even reputational damage. If you have secured the intellectual property rights to your designs you can take legal action when faced with counterfeiting and piracy.

Accused of an infringement yourself?

If you are accused of infringing intellectual property rights, we advise you not to ignore this accusation or any summonses. Even if you are convinced that the accusations are incorrect. It is better to hire your own lawyer, to assess whether there has indeed been an infringement, and to have him advise you on the best approach.

Legal advice on Innovation, Design & Fashion

Nysingh’s specialists act for large and smaller companies, including various (operators of) well-known brands and retail chains. We also act for design studios, advertising agencies and government institutions. Our clients are from a variety of industry categories, though mainly from fashion, lifestyle, design and food. We also regularly advise clients from the sports sector.


We have extensive experience in the protection of intellectual property rights. We draw up IP-related contracts and advise on the best way to protect and enforce intellectual property rights. We also regularly advise and litigate on (international) IPR infringements.


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  • copyright
  • registered design
  • patent law
  • trademark law
  • trade secrets
  • advertising law
  • trade name law
  • domain names
  • unfair competition
  • slavish imitation
  • infringements of intellectual property rights
  • parallel import