Expropriation law

Expropriation is an extreme measure. Which does not mean that it can only be deployed at the very last moment. On the contrary. Successful land acquisition makes clear at an early stage that the instrument of expropriation will ultimately be used. At that moment it becomes clear to the owner (or other entitled party) that an expropriation procedure is inevitable. And that the government has enough time to complete that procedure. At the same time, it is clear that the owner is entitled to full compensation as prescribed in the Expropriation Act. And in many cases, clarity on this point will prevent an actual expropriation procedure.

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Carola van Andel

Attorney at law, Partner

Land acquisition and expropriation are often long-term projects and require a great deal of specialist knowledge. Good cooperation between the parties during and prior to the procedure can, where possible, make lengthy procedures avoidable.

Our Expropriation lawyers

Nysingh’s expropriation lawyers act for Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail, as well as municipalities, provinces and water boards.


The Nysingh Land Acquisition team has extensive experience and expertise in the field of land acquisition and expropriation processes. In recent years we have advised the government on almost all major infrastructure projects. For example, the HSL, Betuweroute, A73, Hanzelijn, A50 and Ruimte voor de Rivier.


Our advice to many (local) governments comes at an early stage of the intended developments. For example, when updating the Land Policy Memorandum in the context of the new Environmental Vision or when drawing up an implementation plan which may require expropriation. By carefully considering the acquisition of land at the drawing-board stage, subsequent legal proceedings can be prevented.


Questions? Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you on:

  • land acquisition and negotiation strategies
  • administrative expropriation procedures
  • judicial expropriation procedures
  • the amount of expropriation compensation
  • amicable consultation to prevent expropriation
  • the Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act
  • property development
  • cost recovery and anterior agreements
  • expropriation vs. utility easement
  • compensation and planning damage
  • the position of leaseholders and tenants in expropriation
  • lead times for legal proceedings and planning availability regarding land


Nysingh’s expropriation lawyers regularly blog about current affairs and examples from practice – at Onteigeningsblog.nl. They are also active as (board) members of the Association of Expropriation Lawyers (VOA) and the Association for Expropriation Law (VvOR).


They also host various (online) seminars, several times a year, on expropriation law. Our expropriation lawyers provide updates on current developments in land acquisition to (local) government employees, cable and pipeline operators and land acquisition advisors (property managers, valuers, etc.) at our well-attended annual study afternoons.


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