A case may involve several areas of law. We therefore provide services in all those areas.

Liability Law

It is not uncommon for personal injury to be caused by the actions of a third party. Liability is often an issue in traffic accidents, industrial accidents, construction defects, medical errors, contracts that go wrong and products that fall short of the requirements. More and more people who have sustained an injury at the hands of someone else are claiming damages. Our specialised law team can help you to prevent, contest and instigate claims and to limit damage. They are second to none in all aspects of liability law.

Clear about liability

It is not always easy and sometimes it is even impossible to recoup damage. The question of who is actually liable may be in dispute. Or it may be difficult to establish the nature and extent of the damage. Such situations are not made any easier by complex legislation and the way it is applied in practice. So be absolutely clear about liability in the contracts that you sign and be sure to scrutinise your agreements.

Liability in logistics


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