Company law

Company law and the law relating to legal entities revolves around the structure of legal entities. This area of law regulates the choice, establishment and modification of a legal person, such as an N.V., B.V. or partnership, a European company or a foundation. It also affects matters such as share transactions, certification of shares, cooperation and shareholders' agreements, legal mergers and de-mergers.

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Our specialists in company law

Nysingh’s corporate law team has been the permanent partner in business of many organisations, for many years – from small to large, national to international. Our lawyers and (candidate) notaries work for healthcare and educational institutions, (international) companies, family businesses, (local) governments, financers, investors, administrators and supervisory directors.


As a sparring partner, we are happy to provide timely, strategic advice when it comes to guiding far-reaching projects, by responding quickly to specific questions and coming up with practical solutions.


In cross-border cases we are able to call on legal specialists from various countries through our international partnership, TAGLaw.



We’re always happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us if you need legal advice on:

  • choice of legal form
  • the creation and termination of legal entities and partnerships
  • drawing up and amending articles of association, regulations and shareholders’ agreements
  • determining and setting up legal structures
  • governance and supervision
  • mergers, acquisitions and de-mergers
  • joint ventures and other forms of cooperation
  • restructuring and reorganisation
  • (Re)financing

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